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Although our track record as a company, is still a refreshing young one, our Team reflects the experience of over 20 years in Tourism and Business Travel, leading specific branches of the market and bringing value and service to our clients.
The Alive Brand is directly established in Key Markets, such as Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Angola and Mozambique, and through other companies belonging to the same Holding, in Cape Verde and fast growing Tourism Markets.
We manage the needs of our clients, both in Leisure and Corporate Business, as well as in Meetings, Incentives, Congresses & Events (MICE).

Alive is a company that belongs to OnTourism Capital Investments, S.A and represents the  Corporate and Business Travel.
The professional path all of our Team tread, allowed us to gain the necessary expertise, know-how, professional skills and credibility which are the cornerstones of our way to do business.
For Alive our client´s time is a commodity we can´t allow ourselves to waste, as it is the essence for outstanding performance delivered.

Alive offers innovative travel technology with a human touch, and adequate travel service Self Booking Tools software, or In-House Inplant Solutions, fulfilling our clients daily demand, with a 24 hour permanent Emergency Telephone service, for last minute service needs, program changes, or to make unexpected difficulties, turn into a walk in the park.
Our staff is fully trained in order to advise you on the best deals and solutions for unbeatable cost/benefit proposals, evaluating all the probable risks, and providing you with safe and reliable outcomes.

Alive expertise in Incentive Groups and Special Events, is embroidered in our D.N.A.
If there is a type of event that allows you to live a moment really unique, then you´re talking: - Incentive Group.
It is no longer enough to expect the luxury and quality components which come with the event, to ensure by its own the proper end result.