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The Alive Sports Events has a dedicated account management and business development team that works directly with our extensive client base, providing invaluable knowledge, advice and assistance.

With many years experience, our account managers work with individual clients to provide a wide range of services. Whether this is an overall strategic review of a client entertainment and relationship programme; coordination of a specific event being planned; one off events to meet your group or company requirements; putting together a sports tour or a corporate travel management programme; the planned management of an annual conference; an incentive programme in African, European or South American Countries or overseas; any one of the Alive Sports Event's account managers can help.

The account managers initially work directly with clients to understand their exact requirements. Once this is fully understood and all the relevant details are known, they will then brief the Alive Sports Event's specialist division or divisions that will deliver the service that the client is looking for. Out team of experts then work directly with the client to plan, manage, coordinate and deliver our promise - all of which is overseen by the account manager.

The Alive Sports Events has an extensive database of clients and contacts which is used to regularly communicate our various hospitality, event, travel and tour offers. This way we can ensure that the right people within the right organisations continue to be kept abreast of the vast range of opportunities we have on offer. If anyone would like to be added to the database they can simply let their account manager know and we can add them and any colleagues to our contact database.

Our account managers would be delighted to come and meet at any stage to begin discussions around how the Alive Sports Events can assist and add value to your business.


As a European, African and South America leading provider of corporate hospitality and events to many of European iconic sporting events, it was a logical step to leverage our existing relationships and market position to become European leading provider of sports and events and travel.

Alive Sports Events is a Angola, Brasil, España and Portugal based travel company specialising in developing, promoting, managing and delivering some of the best sports travel and events tours and packages to many of the world's iconic sports and cultural events.

With a large corporate client base, we work alongside our parent company, to provide sports tours and events as a key client entertainment and relationship tool and to reward and incentivise top performing clients, distributors, retailers and/or staff.

Through our wholesale arm, we have developed close relationships with the retail travel industry in Angola, Brasil, España and Portugal, and are seen as a 'first choice' when looking for specialised sports and events packages for their consumer/leisure client base.

With full alliance with UEFA and FIFA and MATCH accreditation, Alive Sports Events can provide fully packaged group sports and events tours, or we can customise and personalise an amazing package for you and your group to a specific event and location of your choice.