Designation of the project | Alive Portugal

Project No. | POCI-02-0853-FEDER-026020

Main Objective | Reinforcing the competitiveness of SMEs

Region of intervention | North

Beneficiary | Alive Portugal – Travel Agency, S.A.

Date of approval | 07-10-2017

Start date | 11-01-2016

End date | 10/31/2018

Total eligible cost | € 498,863.12

Financial support from the European Union | ERDF € 224,488.40

Description and objectives of the project: Alive Portugal – Agencia de Viagens, SA has an approved project within the scope of the Incentive System for SME Qualification, with the objective of strengthening its organization and management capacity, through the implementation of new methods and organizational processes and increase their flexibility and responsiveness in the global market, in the following immaterial areas of competitiveness:

– Organizational innovation and management;

– Digital economy and information and communication technologies (ICT);

– Branding and design;

– Transfer of knowledge.

Taking into account its vision, weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities the company defined the following main objectives:

– Increase the company’s presence in the digital economy;

– Improve Planning and Control systems;

– Implement new innovative technological solutions;

– Expand its presence in the international market;

– Strengthen staff numbers and qualifications.