We believe that technology allows us to go further.

How We Work

Travel Technology

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We have made Corporate Travel simpler, faster and more efficient.

CONNECTED MANAGER – As a Travel manager, you can get an overview of the travel program, edit budgets, create reports and receive security alerts;

CONNECTED BOOKER – It allows you to manage profiles, find the best rates, reconcile expenses and locate your travelers;

CONNECTED TRAVELLER – As a traveler, you can schedule travel, manage permits, make reimbursements, and create and receive travel alerts through our app.

Meet Sam

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Our Smart Assistant for Mobile, or Sam, lets you manage your trip with a personal assistant who is very attentive to your needs. It is characterized by being personal, organized and using a dedicated chatbot


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The FCM Lab is comprised of an in-house global team of progressive technology managers,UX and UI specialists, and trips that are given time and space to identify any gaps in which technology can make a difference for your you and your business.