Exhibitor’s regulations

1. General statements

1.1. These Regulations constitute an integral part of the order for services related to 25th IUBMB Congress, the 46th FEBS Congress and the 15th PABMB Congress, in one single global event named The Biochemistry Global Summit, held in Lisboa Congress Center, from the 9th to the 14th July 2022.
1.1.1. Dates of build-up and dismantling will be announced in June 2022 the latest.
1.1.2. Actual time of Exhibitors access for build-up, exhibition and dismantling will presented on the website: https://2022congress.febs-iubmb-pabmb.org/
1.2. The terms used in the Regulations shall have the following meaning:
1.2.1. Event – The Biochemistry Global Summit.
1.2.2. Exhibition - accompanying exhibition of The Biochemistry Global Summit.
1.2.3. ALIVE – Alive Portugal, S.A. PCO of The Biochemistry Global Summit.
1.2.4. Lisboa Congress Center – Venue where The Biochemistry Global Summit.

2. Deadlines and terms of payment
2.1. The net price is a guaranteed price, but the gross price is set forth by adding VAT at the effective rate. The 60% of the payment must be paid upon receipt of the first proforma invoice. Next 40% of the payment must be paid by January 7th, 2022 (6 months before the Event). All payments must be received before the start date of the Event. Should the Exhibitor fail to complete payments prior to the commencement of the Event, ALIVE will be entitled to cancel the reservation while cancellation will be subject to cancellation fees stated in the Exhibition Order Form. Reservations made less than 6 months before the Event will be subject to 100% payment upon reservations.
2.2. Occupation of a stand is conditional upon providing proofs of all payments or settling them immediately at ALIVE cashier’s office.
2.3. All costs of bank wire transfers and foreign exchange differences shall be incurred by the Exhibitor.
2.4. ALIVE issues invoices inclusive of value added tax (VAT) under the special margin scheme for travel agents (TOMS), for all services related to the organization of the exhibition, in accordance to the EU VAT Directive.
2.5. Exhibitors who agree to receive an electronic invoice, will receive the invoice in pdf format sent to the email address provided in the Order Form. Participants who do not agree to receive an electronic invoice during the registration process will get an original paper invoice during the Event. At the participant’s request, the original paper invoice can be sent by regular post.
2.6. All down payments that arrive in ALIVE’s account on the last working day of the month will be invoiced at the earliest on the first working day of the following month.
2.7. If the invoice confirming that the down payment has been made coincides with the full amount due to ALIVE it will issue the final settlement invoice after the service has been provided, individually at the exhibitor’s request, provided that the request is received by ALIVE by the time which enables the company to issue the invoice in the legally stipulated timeframe (up to the 5th day of the month following the day of the service provision).

3. Design and furnishing of the exhibition area, stands

3.1. Any changes to the stand equipment and the ordered utilities reported by the Exhibitor less than 21 days before the exhibition will be implemented, if feasible, and at an extra charge. The Exhibitor waives any potential claims on ALIVE if ALIVE is incapable of implementing the changes reported in less than 21 days before the event.
3.2. The Exhibitor who orders an undeveloped space and commissions construction of the stand by a company other than ALIVE must read the general rules for stand companies:
a) hazards in Lisboa Congress Center;
b) Fire Safety Instruction in Lisboa Congress Center;
c) Regulations for the Use of the Lisboa Congress Center Facility and provide the name of the company to perform such development and submit the stand design plan. Above Documents can be found on the website: https://2022congress.febs-iubmb-pabmb.org/
3.2.1. It is possible to start works related to preparation of the exhibition stand earlier than on the official assembly hours, upon prior consultation with ALIVE and payment of an additional fee. If you are interested, please contact by email to: lisbon2022@alivetravel.com
3.2.2. Upon completion of any and all assembly and disassembly work related to the stand, the Exhibitor must remove all leftover building materials (cardboard boxes, foils, wooden planks, etc.).
3.3. The Exhibitor shall be held responsible for any acts and commissions performed by it or any third parties it uses in relation to its participation in the event, including compliance with these Terms and Conditions, Hazards in Lisboa Congress Center, Fire Safety Instruction in Lisboa Congress Center, Regulations for the Use of the Lisboa Congress Center applicable to the premises of the event and for any loss inflicted on ALIVE or any third parties. If a breach of the above mentioned provisions is detected, ALIVE has the right to demand that the breach should be discontinued, and if it is not discontinued, ALIVE shall have the right to terminate the agreement with the Exhibitor without any notice.
3.4. It is forbidden to display exhibits and advertising materials on the walls of the stand by means of a display technology that causes or may cause permanent damage to the stand walls. In the event any damage is found, the ALIVE will charge the Exhibitor with additional costs related to the repair of any such damage. The Exhibitor bears material responsibility for damages to the furnishings and equipment. In the event that such damage is detected ALIVE shall charge the additional cost to the Exhibitor.
3.5. Electrical, water, sewage, compressed air and internet connections may be made only by the persons authorized by ALIVE and following a prior order according to the ALIVE application forms.
3.6. Any electrical, water, compressed air installations can be turn on after the technical acceptance and approval for use by the person authorized by ALIVE.
3.7. Any ordered utilities are available at the stand when the hall is open for Exhibitors. Necessity for the provision of 24-hour access to the ordered utilities should be reported on the respective ALIVE forms.
3.8. Any defects in the supply of utilities must be notified immediately to the event reception desk. ALIVE shall not be responsible for any damage caused by any irregularities on the Exhibitor’s side. In case of not reporting a defect immediately, ALIVE has the right to charge the Exhibitor with the costs of its elimination and the costs of the repair of the resulting damage.
3.9. Exhibition Manager (employee of the PCO) has the final decision on acceptability of the booths/display stands.
3.10. The Exhibitor must comply with EFPIA and IFMPA codes of practice on the promotion of medicines.

4. Exhibits

4.1. Exhibits must not be placed in traffic aisles and equipment demonstrations should not obstruct or prevent the free and safe traffic of visitors and participants or disturb them. Suspending any exhibits or any other stand equipment from the hall roof structure is prohibited.
4.2. ALIVE reserves the right to refuse permission for the display of exhibits they consider dangerous or inconvenience-causing as well as those which were not specified on the exhibits list and required to fulfil certain requirements without bearing any responsibility for it.
4.3. Displaying exhibits that require special safety precautions or technical conditions can only be made upon receipt of the ALIVE representative written consent.
4.4. If exhibits require the provision of specific conditions the Exhibitor must receive written consent concerning the provision of such conditions.
4.5. The exhibits should meet the safety standards and fire safety regulations.
4.6. The Exhibitor shall be exclusively responsible for the exhibits, in particular for any damage they may cause, as well as for assuring that they are properly secured, (including when left in the facilities after the visiting hours), and that they comply with any and all legal regulations, standards as well as have all required certificates and attestations.

5. Exhibition organization and order regulations

5.1. The Exhibitor must comply with Terms and Conditions.
5.2. The Exhibitor must make all stand premises available to the fire inspection committee in order to check fire prevention facilities.
5.3. The Exhibitor must take over their stand, adapt it and vacate it until the end of assembly day.
5.4. During the event, the Exhibitor and his representatives (persons representing the Exhibitor at the event) are required to carry an identification badge.
5.5. The Exhibitor is not authorized to allow persons who are not stand occupants to enter event grounds.
5.6. During the event days, persons are allowed to stay within the event grounds not longer than one hour outside the time allocated for visiting.
5.7. Cleaning up the stand - unless commissioned by ALIVE – should not interfere with the exhibition visiting hours.
5.8. Facilities connected to the Exhibitor’s stand cannot exceed the power applied for. In the event that the Exhibitor breaches this rule, they will be charged with all costs connected with electricity damage and compensation.

6. Security – Insurance

6.1. ALIVE assumes no responsibility for accidents to people or damage to exhibits on the event grounds before, after and during the event.
6.2. ALIVE assumes no responsibility for vehicles or other movables left in the Lisboa Congress Center grounds.
6.3. ALIVE assumes no responsibility for any damages arising from burglary at stands or storage areas; damage caused due to the Exhibitor’s fault; for power or water supply failure; for damages resulting from force majeure events such as strikes, riots, fire, lightning, hurricane, flood, hail, or rainfall. This reservation also applies to the period after the event termination in the event that exhibits, equipment housing, and other goods stay on the Lisboa Congress Center grounds.
6.4. This exclusion of responsibility is not limited, notwithstanding any precautions taken by ALIVE.
6.5. The Exhibitor must obtain third party liability insurance resulting from participation in the event, and must insure their exhibits. Certificates of the required insurances should be submitted to ALIVE upon request.
6.6. The Exhibitor should have insurance coverage.
6.7. On the Lisboa Congress Center grounds it is not allowed to carry arms, any explosive materials or objects that may be harmful to the people participating in the event.

7. Removal of the exhibition

7.1. Disassembly of the exhibition and removing exhibits before the official event closure is prohibited.
7.2. The Exhibitor must disassemble the exhibition, remove the exhibits, and restore the exhibition area to its previous state by the end at last dismantling day. In the event that the Exhibitor leaves the area in a mess ALIVE shall commission clearance works at the expense of the Exhibitor.
7.3. In case of unforeseen events, with the consent of the ALIVE, and after the payment of a surcharge fee (to be advised before the beginning of the assembly process) for each commenced hour of an additional disassembly day, removal of the display may be extended.
7.4. Exhibition components left without ALIVE’s consent and other equipment not removed by the Exhibitor during the disassembly period are considered as abandoned property and become the property of ALIVE without compensation.

8. Complaints and claims

8.1. Any complaints and claims arising from participation in the event should be submitted in writing not later than the last event day. After this deadline expires no complaints or claims shall be considered.
8.2. Any agreements between Exhibitors and ALIVE and any decisions and declarations resulting from them must be made in writing (contact to: lisbon2022@alivetravel.com), otherwise they are not valid.

9. Final statements

9.1. Exhibitors participating in the exhibition organized in the Lisboa Congress Center must respect the pertaining rules and these Regulations and regulations pertaining to exhibition grounds. Exhibitors who do not adhere to these conditions shall be responsible for any damage suffered by ALIVE or third parties.

Local Organizing Office: Alive Travel - DMC & PCO
Contact person: Marisa Oliveira
Direct number: +351 218933191
E-mail: lisbon2022@alivetravel.com